50 Cent’s “Winners Circle” Flyaway

    In celebration of 50 Cent’s brand new album “Animal Ambition”, which is available in stores on Tuesday June 3rd, 50 Cent and G-Unit Records want to fly you and a guest to the MGM Grand Foxwoods Arena in Connecticut to attend a boxing event with 50 Cent’s SMS Promotions. After the boxing event you will get to attend 50 Cent’s after party and during your trip you will get to meet 50 Cent!  Sign up below for your chance to win!



     Click Album art to download Animal Ambition

     Pick up 50 Cent’s album “Animal Ambition” featuring the smash hits Pilot, Hold On, Smoke (feat. Trey Songz), Flip on You (feat. School Boy Q…Deluxe Track), Big Rich Town, Winners Circle (feat. Gourdan Banks) and more.



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